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Adhering to the "people-oriented" management concept, and always meeting people's "needs", we can give full play to the realization of value and quality of life "Improvement" as the starting point and destination of enterprise development, adhere to respect and advocate equality. Genstex adheres to the principle of "serving as a member" "Work as the main body", respect, care for and rely on employees, and give full play to employees' enthusiasm and initiative In view of initiative, everyone is a manager and a master; Establish and improve a set of corporate culture.


People-oriented employees as the main body

01 Interpretation of

Motivating people: motivating people by mechanism; cultivating people by post; condensing people; guiding people by career; retaining people by emotion; making every person do his best, he would rather lack than abuse

02 Talent understanding

Morality: integrity, dedication, regardless of ability: self-confidence, competence, good performance spirit: team, innovation, good learning attitude: dedication, hard work and dare to undertake

03 The type of talent the

Brave challengers: enterprising, innovative, pioneering and responsible, down-to-earth: steadfast, secure, hard-working Build a foundation and want to do - dedication, sense of responsibility, sense of mission, dare to do - courage, ability and ability -


Five kinds of people that the company doesn use

People with bad morality are always afraid of losses, people who pass the buck, people who have no team spirit, and people who are not efficient

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